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Opportunities for motorcycle mechanics.

Also known as Motorcycle mechanics, motorcycle repair technicians repair and service small motorized vehicles, including scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, and dirt bikes. Most of the people who go into this profession do so because they love the work. Technician training provides motorcycle enthusiasts with a way to turn their hobby into a career. Technicians need to be good problem solvers and have expert knowledge of the types of vehicles they specialize in. This job can be very rewarding for someone who enjoys the challenge of figuring out complex or unusual problems and solving them. read more [+]

There are a number of different industries and settings that motorcycle mechanics work in. The vast majority are employed by dealerships that specialize in the sale of small vehicles like motorcycles and mopeds. A smaller number of motorcycle mechanics work for general automotive dealers that also sell cars. The other places they might find a job include repair shops, on assembly lines in the manufacturing industry, and working for wholesalers for vehicles or vehicle parts.

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