International Technician Education Program (ITEP) at UTI

International Technician Education Program (ITEP) at UTI

The leading producer of engines and highway trucks has been the International Truck and Engine Corporation, for over 100 years.

To meet the surging demand for qualified technicians, International Truck & Engine Corp and Manufacturer specific programs are created with the intent of developing aspiring students into service techs for the specified manufacturer. Located at the ITEP Training Center near UTI's Glendale Heights, Illinois campus, this rigorous program is available to graduates of UTI's Automotive/Diesel Technology programs, who meet entrance requirements.

The ITEP program hones in on medium and heavy diesel truck technology, and provides essential hands-on training for students. Experience and exposure to International® brand equipment, including diagnostic equipment, engines, and electronic systems, will be available to all students. ITEP teachers have expertise in their fields, and they are familiar with cutting edge procedures and tools. When they graduate ITEP students will have accrued 20+ credentials with International.

There are two tuition repayment options available for the ITEP program.

* Tuition Paid By International: An ITEP student may take a job at one of 600 International dealerships throughout the U.S.

Dealerships that participate in the program will offer reimbursement for the student's tuition, as long as the student stays employed at the International dealer for at least one year.* (Some dealers might mandate longer job agreements.)

*A student in the ITEP program can take the student pay option. To avoid the restrictions on time of employment and other hiring restrictions, this option is available to students who want to seek work on their own.

Either option puts you in control of your destiny.

ITEP is a great choice for anyone interested in a job with a technology leader that is well known for its quality staff and products.

Location: A location for International ITEP is Glendale Heights, Illinois (IL).

MSAT Employment Assistance: A huge advantage will be obtained when you enter the job market after you graduate from one of UTI's respected MSAT programs. A majority of job providers willing to recruit qualified technicians will prefer to hire only UTI MSAT graduates.

You will recieve job placement help from MSAT Employment Services prior to graduation. Neither UTI nor International can guarantee job placement, but MSAT Employment Services will assist you in your pre-graduate job search. They work with an extended network with dealers who are always keeping an eye out for new, qualified technicians.