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Diesel Technician Training

Routine maintenance as a diesel mechanic.

Diesel powered vehicles are standard in heavy use vehicles such as 18-wheelers, trains, buses, and farm equipment, but are also becoming more common in lighter trucks. Because today's diesel is much cleaner burning than the dirty fuel of the past, it is expected that more passenger vehicles will adopt diesel fuel in the near future and with it the demand for diesel technicians in expected to rise. Diesel has its drawbacks, but it delivers more bang for the buck producing more energy per gallon and enabling consumers to get about 30 percent more travel time than on a gallon of gas. With new emissions standards already in place, the next generation of passenger and work vehicles will pollute less and get more even miles to the gallon. As the demand for these vehicles rises, and the production of more diesel hybrids like diesel/electric and green diesel (engines that burn vegetable oil) goes up, the need for trained diesel technicians will only continue to grow.

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