Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program at UTI

Porsche has carved out its name for developing and creating among the most coveted sports cars globally. Porsche Cars North America, Inc. intends to retain its spot as an industry leader, and discover new trained techs, by teaming with UTI and forming PTAP, the prestigious Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program.

Great training as well as proficiency in each skill area is all demanded of Porsche service technicians. Along with instruction on Porsche troubleshooting equipment and custom implements, PTAP pupils get the latest instruction in front-to-back auto upkeep and repair, plus technical bulletins. The course of study set by Porsche focuses mainly on diagnostics and electronics. Pupils are taught with the most recent Porsche styles, including the Boxster line, Carrera Coupe and Convertible models, as well as the powerful 911 Twin Turbo. Pupils who finish the program are eligible for positions as Porsche Service Technicians, and are therefore candidates for jobs at Porsche dealers in North America.

Porsche Foots the Bill for Tuition:

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. takes care of the tuition for PTAP, in conjunction with the employing Porsche dealer, if the technician keeps working at an Authorized Porsche dealership for a minimum of a year (or longer, depending on different dealers).

If you are truly interested in starting a job as an automotive technician for one the top car makers globally, letting PTAP get you jump started is the initial and most crucial decision to make.

Porsche PTAP Location:

Porsche PTAP is located in Atlanta, Georgia.