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BMW Step: An Optional BMW FastTrack Course at UTI

These targeted programs can help jump start your skills as a technician. If you plan to pursue careers in the field, the opportunity to complete the BMW FastTrack option might be the right fit for you.

BMW FastTrack is a BMW mechanic training facility that has sponsorship, endorsement and equipment supplied by BMW of North America. The only place it is offered is at UTI.

The customized BMW coursework at BMW FastTrack will direct you on the path to becoming a trained technician with the credentials for employment in among the top car makers globally. In the course of this 12-week optional class, you'll get crucial, custom, bumper-to-bumper instruction on BMW cars and techniques. You'll receive BMW-customized instruction on some of the planet's latest technology in the automotive market. You will gain skills to work on the newest BMW models with this training. In this way, you will learn the BMW equipment, systems, and procedures that are used by BMW technicians nationwide.

Those who graduate from BMW FastTrack possess great job versatility, since they can seek the career they want without being obligated to a single dealer.

You will be able to start a job at a higher level by going to a BMW FastTrack program at BMW centers for technicians.


The ensuing fields of instruction are offered with BMW Technical Level 3:

  • Dynamics of the Chassis
  • Engine Electronics
  • Latest Engine Tech
  • Auto Body Electronics
  • Under-auto Tech
  • Technical Systems

Those who complete FastTrack and are eligible according to BMW are candidates for BMW Level 3 tech accreditation, greatly improving their odds of acquiring starting positions at any of the many BMW dealerships across America.

Trained mechanics who have received BMW's advanced technology and precision engineering are sorely needed throughout the country at BMW centers. A large percentage of our FastTrack students get jobs prior to graduation!


Any active student of UTI or of NASCAR Technical Institute who has progressed to at least the mid-point of training can add the BMW FastTrack elective to their program, provided they meet its specific admission criteria. Requirements for FastTrack consist of each of the core classes in Auto Technology, with the exception of Professional Service Writing and Power & Performance IA, IB, and II.

BMW FastTrack can be found in Orlando, FL, Avondale, AZ and Rach Cucamonga, CA.

BMW Service Technician Education Program (STEP)

Listening to the whisper-soft power and witnessing the sleek design of a BMW car is all that's needed to see why the firm is known globally for its design and efficiency. A fair number of the folks who maintain these vehicles have studied at a certified BMW school for mechanics.

BMW's STEP program, which is taught at BMW mechanic schools, has a curriculum developed specifically to prepare a superior force of service technicians to staff North America's many BMW centers. Pupils obtain meticulous training in the latest technology, and they get to perform work on the most recent BMW models, like the M5, X3, X5, SAV, Z4, 645 and the elite 7 line.

Tuition Reimbursement by BMW

BMW of North America, LLC takes care of the total tuition fees for the BMW STEP course of study. Pupils who finish this course of study begin as Certified Diagnostic Technicians, far beyond the ordinary BMW entry level position.

For a person who is eager to start a career as a BMW automotive technician and would like to work with a prominent automaker, this BMW mechanic program is a big step in the right direction.

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