Audi Academy Technician Program at UTI

For more than 100 years, the Audi Academy Technician Program at UTI Audi has been a leader in the industry. Audi, known for its award-winning designs and cutting edge engineering, is passionately committed to its vehicles' high performance and power. UTI and Audi of America joined forces to create the Audi Academy Technician Program. Two locations, Avondale, Arizona and Exton, PA, merged to meet the increasing need for qualified Audi trained technicians. .

Students will receive hands on training at the Audi Academy on recent model cars by Audi, such as the A4s, S4s, A6s, A8 sedans and TT's. Finishing the coursework at Audi Academy additionally grants pupils eligibility for acquiring certification as auto techs, essential accreditation for a thriving career with an Audi dealer in the role of technician.

The course is comprehensive and focused, offering pupils all the technical knowledge they require to start a thriving and obtain a profitable position with an Audi Dealer. You'll gain proficiency in custom Audi troubleshooting equipment and repair implements, under the guidance of an expert Audi teacher.

Tuition Paid For by Audi

When certain requirements are met, a student can have their tuition costs covered by Audi of America or its dealerships. Those who matriculate from Audi Academy additionally obtain a beginner's set of Snap-on brand implements, valuable additions to a terrific job opportunity.

Pupils who get jobs with dealers in the Audi Academy course obtain great salaries, medical insurance, and paid time off, plus the opportunity to work along with expert technicians.

Give the Audi Academy Technician Program a shot. They are a group that acknowledges and promotes hard work, original thinking, and teamwork.