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Job spectations and salaries in automechanics

The demand for professional auto mechanics continues to rise and professional mechanics can make anywhere from $75,000 - $100,000 annually depending on their specialty and where they work. read more [+]

Auto mechanics' pay is determined in different ways. Some businesses pay their mechanics a flat rate per job, and the flat rate will vary from job to job. Some auto mechanics are paid an hourly rate, others may earn a set salary per week, and still others may work on commission. This means they receive a percentage of the labor rate that is charged to each customer. In addition, some auto mechanics own their own shops and determine their own pay.

Auto mechanics can have many job expectations or just a few if they specialize in a particular type of repair such as transmissions, brakes, or electrical systems. Primarily, an auto mechanic's job is to inspect vehicles, execute procedures that will maintain the life of the vehicle, and repair vehicles when they break down or have running issues. They are also hired to install vehicle accessories such as air conditioners, stereos and speakers, GPS systems, and more. However, job expectations will vary depending on the auto mechanic's position, specialty, and place of employment.

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