Why Should I Specialize as a Volkswagen Mechanic?

A mechanic thinking of focusing their skills and expertise on a specific vehicle may not automatically consider becoming a Volkswagen mechanic. They may wonder: "Why should I specialize as a Volkswagen mechanic?" The simple answer is that there are not many mechanics familiar with older Volkswagens and other foreign vehicles. A Volkswagen requires regular maintenance and skilled experts trained to make necessary repairs, service, and parts replacements as needed. 

Most Volkswagens, also affectionately known as "Beetles" built from 1968 to 1978 ideally need a specialty auto mechanic. Service and maintenance provided includes working on brakes, mufflers, engines, radiators, transmissions, and wheel alignment. Some Volkswagen auto mechanics specialize their skills and focus on rebuilding engines, transmissions, or electrical repair.

A general mechanic may not be prepared to properly inspect or service these vintage vehicles and their parts. A mechanic should not have their nose stuck in an owner's manual in order to fix a car. This will surely reduce the owner's confidence in their ability. But a mechanic that is not familiar with the construction, components, and operating system of the Volkswagen may find himself doing just that.

Many owners of these older cars are actively searching for a Volkswagen mechanic because they want to find someone who can help them preserve the quality of their car. Some Volkswagen owners will only trust their vehicles to a mechanic who has experience working on older model cars. Volkswagen aficionados want to find a Volkswagen mechanic because they truly respect these unusual cars.

A skillful Volkswagen mechanic understands how to work on the car's engine, transmission, electrical system, front end, and back end. For example, they should know exactly how to rebuild a Volkswagen carburetor. They also know that the maintenance and repair of these vehicles needs special tools, and they will automatically be in possession of these tools. In essence, a Volkswagen mechanic completely understands the inner workings of the vehicle. They know what type of problems to look out for in these cars, and they can quickly diagnose a problem and fix it.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that job growth for specialty auto Volkswagen and other mechanics are expected to continue growing through 2016. That is much faster than the rate of growth for general mechanics. Part of what is fueling growth in this industry can be attributed to technology changes and improvements, the creation of new hybrid engines, and the research and technology behind alternative fuels. This is also a sign of more job opportunities within the industry. The salary for a Volkswagen mechanic averages around $45,000. A specialty mechanic should continue working to hone their skills and stay current with changing automotive trends in order to remain competitive.

A Volkswagen mechanic will genuinely care about preserving and restoring these special vehicles. It can be difficult to find a specialty Volkswagen mechanic, but owners are quite grateful when they do. This should be a consideration for anyone planning to become a mechanic. It isn't easy to find mechanics skilled in repairing older Volkswagen cars.