Why Should I Specialize as a Mercury Marine Mechanic?

Why Should I Specialize as a Mercury Marine Mechanic?

While pondering the advantages of becoming a Mercury marine mechanic, an individual is faced with multiple facets that must be considered with an open mind and determination. Facets such as the products an individual will be working on, the market share of the company, sales and growth, and salary expectations. Mercury marine products enjoy a respected place within the marine industry in the United States and world-wide.

The types and number of different marine products produced will provide a better understanding of the need and potential career options open to a Mercury marine mechanic. Mercury produces inboard and outboard engines for a large variety of applications. While some companies produce only outboard or inboard engines, the wider range of production enables more Mercury marine mechanics to be needed in the workforce. This also leads to a larger share of the total market as more options are available to the end consumer and these options will require trained Mercury marine mechanics.

Market share determines a large portion of the need for mechanics in any industry. Mercury Marine is the leading producer of marine engines, boats, and supplies for recreational boating. In addition they produce a full range of systems and parts needed for governmental marine vessels such as Coast Guard ships and transport vessels. The fact that Mercury is the leading producer of recreational boating products directly increases the need for Mercury marine mechanics. Simple supply and demand are at work in this situation; a larger market share increases the market's need for trained Mercury marine mechanics.

The market for recreational boating will continue to rise as the baby boomer population retires. This retired generation is more active and has more income than previous retired generations; this generation also purchases more recreational watercraft than any other demographic in the population.  A larger share of the recreational market combined with a demographic that is expected to purchase and use more recreational watercraft and boats will undoubtedly contribute to an increase in the need for Mercury marine mechanics to service and repair these vessels.

Mercury marine has enjoyed a 158 percent growth form 2004 through 2007. The company is expecting slightly smaller growth over the next five years and this will lead to even more Mercury marine mechanics being needed in the industry to support the further growth. As the growth affects the demand for Mercury marine mechanics the demand will increase the income and pay scale for Mercury marine mechanics.