Why Should I Specialize as a Kawasaki Motorcycle Mechanic?

Why Should I Specialize as a Kawasaki Motorcycle Mechanic?

Individuals considering a career as a Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic will need to weigh the options and aspects of being a Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic before entering training. A potential student should keep in mind the market share of the company, the different markets Kawasaki is involved in and salary expectations for Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics. Only after these options are carefully considered will the individual know if they should become a Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic.

Kawasaki holds a respectable share of the market in motorcycle sales for the United States. The year 2007 saw a five percent increase in Kawasaki's market share and it is expected to continue to rise for the next few years. This means that the need for Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics will increase as well. It is basic supply and demand. Since more Kawasaki motorcycles are being supplied to customers and clients, more Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics will be needed to repair and service the bikes in a dealership or private service company. The expected increase will also allow for better job security as a Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic.

Kawasaki produces motorcycles for personal and sports use. The two different markets allow Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics the opportunity to work in additional capacities. A Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic can choose to work in a service garage or in a pit crew in a motorsports environment. Due to having more options the Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic has multiple areas of the industry in which to be employed providing better job security and increase in income. Some Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics will even work as a pit crew member and a service technician if the area in which they work has both, thus further increasing their income potential.

In addition to the market share and company product markets, a Kawasaki mechanic could be part of a police mechanic team ensuring the safety and well being of our police force. Kawasaki makes specialized police motorcycles and these need to be maintained for performance and according to strict regulations. Kawasaki police motorcycles are used across the United States but will vary from area to area in usage density; however, the use of Kawasaki police motorcycles is prevalent enough to enable more job security and better pay.

The average general motorcycle mechanic will earn close to $14.00 an hour as an entry-level mechanic. While a Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic can expect to make closer to $18.00 an hour. Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics are highly trained and their skills are sought after by employers and dealerships. A Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic that is able to secure a position with a police department can expect to make close to $35,000 annually. Some police department positions will require that the Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic attend the academy for further training.

Choosing to become a Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic is simple. A Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic can expect better job security due to Kawasaki's market share in the United States as well as the multiple markets in which they operate. Police departments all over the country use Kawasaki motorcycles for the police motorcycle units and these departments need trained Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics for their safety and performance. Along with higher average pay, deciding on becoming a Kawasaki motorcycle mechanic is simple.