Why Should I Specialize as a BMW Motorcycle Mechanic?

Why Should I Specialize as a BMW Motorcycle Mechanic?

The question "Should I specialize as a BMW motorcycle mechanic?" is quite important for anyone trying to find a niche in the field of mechanics. It can benefit you to consider the history of the BMW motorcycle and the training options available to you as you weigh your options.

BMW History

Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works, was established in 1916 and the company began manufacturing motorcycles in 1923, after WWI ended. The R-32 was the first successful design developed by the company and the layout still has great appeal. BMW continues to use the same pattern of design in its R Series to this day.

During WWII, the company's R75 motorcycles sported a sidecar and a lockable differential. This cycle was capable of off-road navigation comparable to a Jeep. The K, F, and G Series emerged in the 1980s followed by the introduction of the oilhead Boxer engine as well as the standout K1200S Sports Bike in 2004.

Why Should I Specialize as a BMW Motorcycle Mechanic?

The impressive history of BMW motorcycles offers 80 years of progress for you to explore. When you enter the field of mechanics, you probably have a vision of working with the finest engines and bodies ever developed. This company's legacy offers the ideal riding machine for owners and mechanics alike.

Retro Appeal

One of the benefits of specializing in BMW motorcycle repair is the rapidly growing number of people gravitating towards the vintage BMW cycles. Many enthusiasts pay top dollar for their dream riding machines and also invest in proper maintenance, repair, and restoration as well. When you are a specialist in this realm of mechanics, you have valuable services to offer a growing population.

Restoration projects are subject to the owners' philosophies about the proper maintenance of the cycles. Ideally, the motorcycle is preserved in its original condition. Some owners opt for limited restorative work to get the machines up to par while others prefer a frame-up restoration project that requires the machine to be taken apart and reassembled as it is refurbished.

Educational Opportunity

Perhaps the biggest draw of specializing in BMW motorcycle mechanics is the opportunity to learn about the ultimate in mechanical engineering. Your hands-on experience is valuable to a significant population of cycle enthusiasts. As a student, you can expect to earn a wealth of knowledge about motorcycles at their finest.

Your learning experience provides new insight into every detail of the BMW cycles including the engine and transmission. The fuel and electrical systems are intricate and the suspension and frame are engineering masterpieces. You develop a new appreciation for riding machines as you learn about each aspect of the cycles.

Career Opportunity

Your education opens the door for many opportunities as you develop new skills and knowledge about the masterful BMW machines. You have opportunity to exercise your expertise in motorcycle technology in a number of venues. Specialty and performance shops and dealerships require hands-on mechanics but you may also thrive in the field of customer service and parts representatives as well.

If you are grappling with the question of whether to specialize as a BMW motorcycle mechanic, you can look to your own interest in mechanics. You have the opportunity to enter a field that offers insight into the most outstanding cycles ever created.