Why Should I Specialize as a BMW Mechanic?

Why Should I Specialize as a BMW Mechanic?

Mechanics inspect and maintain automobiles and other engine-run machinery. A BMW mechanic specializes in the maintenance and diagnosis of vehicles manufactured by BMW. Since BMW is a German manufacturer, mechanics trained to work on BMW vehicles find it easier working on other German manufactured vehicles, including Volkswagen and Porsche. Reasons for specializing as a BMW mechanic include a decent salary, promising job opportunities, the option to run your own business, and learning specialized mechanics that not all mechanics can offer clients.

A typical person who wants to specialize as a BMW mechanic needs to attend a BMW service technician education program, commonly referred to as STEP. This course, given at select technical colleges throughout the United States, teaches prospective mechanics all the workings of BMW engines and automobile components. While some BMW mechanics learn from on-the-job training, an AA degree in automotive technology, ASE certification, and completion of the STEP program can increase earnings and create more job opportunities. Many prospective BMW mechanics gain experience by getting a service technician job at a BMW dealership and then applying for school after one to two years of on-the-job training. Once a mechanic gains all the knowledge needed for BMW certification, he or she has a high chance of immediate employment because not every mechanic, not even those who are highly experienced, can work on BMWs correctly. The German-made components require specialized training, including how to order foreign parts for repairs.

One of the best reasons for specializing as a BMW mechanic is that the field of mechanics has a faster than average growth projection for employment. The economy rarely affects the field of mechanics or the need for car repairs by drivers. A BMW mechanic has an edge over regular mechanics because BMWs are a high-selling luxury line, with only a select choice of mechanics available to BMW owners. Any mechanic in school for BMW certification can feel positive about future job opportunities. Many BMW and general high-end car dealerships will recruit experienced graduates right out of school. Once employed, students familiar with different models of BMWs have more opportunity for advancement and salary increases.

A BMW mechanic can work on the automobile's entire operating system or focus on a particular function, like brakes or transmission. A mechanic experienced with a particular model, or one new on the market, may end up repeatedly working on one model. This is especially true in general dealerships, if there are no other BMW mechanics. Even if a mechanic doesn't want to spend an entire career working on BMWs, having the certification on a resume almost guarantees a job at a general dealership or auto repair shop.

A trained BMW mechanic can also open up a private business and cater to personal clients. This can include opening up a repair shop, advertising repair services on the side, and taking advantage of online job opportunities, such as being hired as a freelance expert being paid to answer questions pertaining to BMWs on forums and websites. Having a BMW mechanics background also increases knowledge about BMW parts and equipment, meaning mechanics can salvage parts from junkyards for use in personal repair businesses, increasing profits.