What skills are required of an A&P's technician?

What skills are required of an A&P's technician?

Being an Airframe and Powerplant technician means being well paid. A&P's have excellent opportunities for career advancement and can work most anywhere in the country. Graduates may specialize or generalize, and work with industry-specific systems and technical equipment. Experienced A&P’s with administrative ability advanced ratings and are selected as supervisors and executives. Others may become FAA inspectors.

A good skills base to become a succesful A&P's mechanic would include the following:

You are comfortable with mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic systems: Remember, A&P's are responsible for all of the aircraft except the flight information systems.

You are a detail-oriented, critical thinker with good problem-solving skills: Aircraft are much more complex than other machines. You need to know how to get to the root of a problem and find the solution.

You are interested in aviation industry: It always helps to love what you do.

You are good at multitasking: A high level of profesionalism is expected of technicians.

You have good communication skills: Your work protects lives. You need to be able to communcate problems with colleagues and supervisors.

You have a good attention span and focused: Many tasks require much more than a quick fix.

You enjoy a team environment: You won't be working alone. In most cases you will form part of a team of similarly qualified profesionals.

You prefer a non-traditional working environment: Don't expect to work 9-5. It's not that sort of job. Frequently the work is outside and at night. Also you need to be in shape as A&P's spend a lot of time working either up ladders or in small spaces.