What do Airframe and Powerplant Technicians do?

What do Airframe and Powerplant Technicians do?

While avionics mechanics are responsible for fixing any electrical issues with the aircraft in their charge, including advanced systems like the flight instrumentation and ensuring engine wiring is up to speed, airframe and powerplant technicians have other duties.


The responsibility of an airframe mechanic, and it is not a light one, is to ensure that the all of the components of an aircraft other than the powerplant and electronics are working as they should. This would include, for example, the hydraulic systems of a aircraft.


A powerplant technician is responsible for the engine or powerplant of an aircraft as well as the propellers on prop-driven aircraft.

An airframe and powerplant technician (A&P's) is well-trained in both of these disciplines and, as a result, is responsible for the proper functioning of the complete aircraft with the exception of the electronics. That is not a small job!