What Career Opportunities Are Available for Diesel Technicians?

What Career Opportunities Are Available for Diesel Technicians?

Diesel-powered engines are standard in a lot of trucks, locomotives, and buses and are becoming even more common in passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, and other work vehicles. As a result, the demand for diesel technicians is increasing. So what career opportunities are available for diesel technicians?

Jobs are widely available for those diesel service technicians and mechanics who are able to repair and maintain diesel engines that are used to power heavy transportation equipment. However, those are not the only career options available, either. Some diesel technicians work on farm tractors, road graders, combines, cranes, bulldozers, and other heavy vehicles that are powered by diesel engines.

There are a variety of career opportunities available for these types of technicians. Some people prefer to start their own businesses and even work out of their own garages when it comes to small engines. On the other hand, other diesel technicians work for large organizations and corporations. Some companies have their own fleets and hire their own team of technicians to ensure that their vehicles are always running at full capacity.

Workers can be employed in almost every type of industry. The truck transportation industry is the largest employer and employs nearly 20% of the diesel technicians that are in the field. Companies that have large fleets of long-haul trucks must keep their vehicles in working order at all times and as a result hire technicians to work around the clock in some instances. This creates a large amount of jobs. Automotive repair and maintenance facilities always employ a large number of people as well as construction companies, manufacturing companies, retail and wholesale trade, and automotive leasing organizations.

For the most part, new jobs will persist in the freight trucking and automotive repair and maintenance industries. More vehicles will need to be serviced and there will be added demand for diesel engines mechanics to modernize the existing vehicles to act in accordance with the various environmental regulations that are in effect.

On top of that, diesel engines are expected to be used in an increasing number of passenger vehicles as well. This should generate more jobs for diesel technicians, particularly in the automobile dealer and automotive repair and maintenance industries. Other industries where diesel technicians are sought include general freight trucking, merchant wholesalers, and specialized freight trucking.

Employment in the diesel service industry is appealing thanks to good salaries and the challenges that are met when carrying out highly skilled work. The best opportunities will be available to those candidates who attend diesel technician training programs at community or junior colleges or at technical and vocational schools. Certifications and continued training will become important in finding jobs and rising within one's present company as well. As more and more people complete training programs, it will become increasingly difficult for those without training to find competitive jobs within the industry. Although experience will count for a lot in this field, keeping up-to-date on the latest technology will be even more important.

It is also very possible to start your own business in this field as well, although you might find that you are limited to small engines and farm equipment as opposed to freight trucks. Still, as more and more vehicles are outfitted with diesel engines it will become increasingly necessary to find those mechanics that are able to repair and maintain those engines. A diesel technician must be trained specifically in the repair and maintenance of engines that run on diesel fuel. Therefore, the more people that use diesel engines, the more in demand these technicians are going to become.