What Career Opportunities are Available for Auto Mechanics?

What Career Opportunities are Available for Auto Mechanics?

There are many career opportunities available for auto mechanics. Auto mechanics have the option of working for auto dealerships, service stations, repair shops, independent garages, or franchises. They can also own their own auto repair shops or have the option of working out of their own home garages. Auto mechanics can work for leasing companies, local, state, and federal agencies, or they may work in car manufacturing plants on assembly lines.

Here is a list of the top career opportunities for auto mechanics:


Many auto mechanics pursue careers as mechanic shop supervisors. Most repair shops promote from within their companies and will hire supervisors from their mechanic pool, rather than hiring from outside of the company. Mechanics who have extensive training and knowledge, proven on-the-job experience diagnosing and repairing a wide range of challenging malfunctions, and who can maintain records and talk effectively with the public and co-workers are good candidates for mechanic shop supervisors. Depending on the repair shop and its location, salaries for mechanic shop supervisors can range from $1,600 to $6,000 per month.


Auto mechanics who have special talents diagnosing and repairing particular type of malfunctions can take their careers to a new level by specializing in one or two different areas of mechanics or they can specialize in manufacturer-specific mechanics. Examples of specialties include front-end mechanics, diesel mechanics, transmission mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, GM mechanics, Nissan mechanics, and more. To specialize in specific areas mechanics will need to go through training programs to become certified in their area of expertise.

High Performance Mechanics

Becoming a high performance mechanic is considered the dream career for many mechanics. With formal training it's possible for very talented and skilled mechanics to pursue careers as high performance mechanics. A high performance mechanic is someone who specializes in high performance engines. These mechanics are able to custom tune engines in a way that maximum power outputs are the norm.

This career area of auto mechanics does not target the every day auto and the working conditions and hours vary from the work that is done in general repair shops. High performance mechanics work at race shops and on race teams. They have long hours and travel is the norm. They must understand and be formally trained in custom built engines that may have up to 16 cylinders. These specialists know about turbo-charges, as well as how to modify cylinder heads, suspensions, axle setups, the chassis, and more. The pressure of high performance mechanics is great, yet many consider it the most rewarding and exciting career in auto mechanics.

Higher Levels of Mechanics

There are some auto mechanics who want to take their careers to the next level. These individuals continue their training, increase their skill level, and pursue careers in aircraft mechanics, marine mechanics, farm equipment mechanics, bus mechanics, industrial mechanics, heavy equipment mechanics, and more. Many professional mechanics pursue a military career where their knowledge of engines and engine repair are used on military aircraft, ships, helicopters, tanks, and more. Other auto mechanics obtain their bachelor's degree, or teaching license, and teach auto mechanics to others.