What Career Opportunities Are Available for Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics?

What Career Opportunities Are Available for Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics?

Careers in airframe mechanics and powerplant mechanics (A&P mechanics) are available all around the world. This is because there are American airlines and airfields in these places that need A&P mechanics certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assure the safety of the passengers on their aircraft. There are also companies that own planes, flight schools, and private aircraft owners that all need A&P mechanics. An A&P mechanic has their choice of living almost anywhere in the United States, and many places around the world.

For those mechanics who want to work on the engine of aircraft and be able to do some propeller work, they focus on powerplant mechanics. For those mechanics that don't want to work on the instruments, propellers, or powerplant, but would like to work on almost any other part of the aircraft, they focus on just airframe mechanics. Most mechanics find it advantageous to their career to get certification from the FAA in both and are known as A&P mechanics. This certification makes a mechanic the most marketable.

A career in the military as an A&P mechanic provides valuable training and experience for a mechanic. The Air National Guard, Air force, and Navy, all have excellent career tracks for their A&P mechanics. An A&P mechanic could be stationed anywhere in the United States or the world according the military's need of their skill.

In the U.S. if a mechanic is looking for a small community, and enjoys working on four- and six-seater planes, a flight school, or a small town airport may have a position. There are many small airports with private planes that need A&P mechanics. These airports are in large cities, and they could have their own section in a city's international airport.

If a mechanic wants to work for a national or international commercial airline, and take part in the benefits afforded those in the company such as free or low priced travel, there are positions in most large cities around the U.S. If a mechanic wants to focus on overhauling aircraft, they could be located in cities such as New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles working in an airline company's machine shop.

Being employed by an international commercial airline, an A&P mechanic could be located in cities such as, Beijing, China, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paris, France, or Tel Aviv. The mechanic might be getting aircraft ready for flight at the terminal or in the airline's hanger. The mechanic might need to make emergency adjustments. The A&P mechanic is one of the technicians the pilots and passengers rely on to make their long international air trip safe.

Most A&P mechanics demonstrate their expertise outdoors by preparing aircraft for safe flight rain or shine, in summer heat or winter snow, always completing quality work as well as having the aircraft ready on schedule. These mechanics are conscientious workers to assure aircraft are in top condition.

While many A&P mechanics enjoy using their expertise working directly on aircraft, many advance to supervise other mechanics or even become executives for the company they are employed. A career as an A&P mechanic could also lead to a position as an FAA aviation safety inspector.

A career in airframe and powerplant mechanics may involve getting a government security clearance. Conscientiousness as a mechanic is depended on and will take an A&P mechanic far in his/her career.

Career opportunities in A&P mechanics are available at most airports in the U.S., and many around the world. As an A&P mechanic demonstrates excellent work, he/she has opportunities for advancement. A&P mechanics can take pride in their work knowing they are providing safety in air travel which provides not only advancement for mechanics, but for the industry as well.