What Can You Expect to Learn at an Automotive Technology School?

What Can You Expect to Learn at an Automotive Technology School?

Attending an automotive technology school can be a great way of gaining the knowledge and experience that you need to find a successful career in the automotive field. So what can you expect to learn at one of these schools?

Automotive technology is becoming more complicated every year. People that are interested in this field should really receive formal training so that they are not only better prepared when it comes to working with vehicles, but so that they are more attractive to potential employers.

There are several different types of automotive technology schools available and knowing exactly what aspect of the field that you want to go into will help you narrow down your choices.

For instance, if you are interested in working with NASCAR then you might be interested in the NASCAR Technical Institute located in North Carolina. It combines courses that are specific to NASCAR with a complete automotive technology training program in order to give you the best of both worlds.

Some of the training that you would receive at this school would be focused on fuel and ignition systems, electronics and diagnostic equipment, power trains, and NASCAR technology. The school offers an ASE/NATEF Master Certified program and it can take as little as a year to graduate with your certification.

At other schools, you can expect to get hands-on training when it comes to automotive technology. For instance, you might learn not only vehicle repair, but vehicle maintenance as well. After all, it’s important to understand the upkeep of a vehicle so that you can hopefully keep it from being damaged in the future.

It is possible to take classes in an online program as well. Some online programs include Auto Detailing, Auto Repair Technician Training, Motorcycle Repair, Small Engine Repair, Heavy Truck Maintenance, and Diesel Mechanics programs. Although the majority of your training will come from online, you might also have to enroll in an apprenticeship in order to get the hands-on training that you will need in order to complete the program and be successful in the field.

In an automotive technology program, the courses will probably be broken down by the various services that are required to keep an automobile running smoothly. For example, you might take courses in Auto Service which would cover braking systems, suspension systems, shop safety practices, and engine operation.

On the other hand, in the Auto Electricity course you could find yourself studying accessory circuits and body systems, electrical units of measurement, batteries, and other theories of electricity.

You might also take courses designed to give you an understanding of automotive engine performance systems, fuel and emission control systems, power trains and brakes, ABS components, suspension and steering systems, and automotive heating and air conditioning systems.

Within these courses, you should expect to get hands-on training in regards to each system, as well as learn various troubleshooting techniques and methods.

Training programs and schools typically use both classroom instruction and hands-on exercises. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to graduate from the program, depending on the program and the school that you enter into. If you decide to go through a community college then you might find the average program to last 2 years. In a community college you might also take additional classes in addition to your automotive training courses. These could include Math, English, and Computer Skills.

In addition to learning about the automotive technology, it might also be helpful to take bookkeeping classes or accounting classes as well. Many people that go into this career field opt to start their own businesses and having a good solid foundation in computer skills and business classes can help you run a successful business practice.