The Featured Marine Mechanic Schools in the US

The Featured Marine Mechanic Schools in the US

How to determine the best school for marine mechanics is an easier question to ask than to answer. The process of finding the best marine mechanic school is actually a question of what is the best school for the student's career goals. The student should have a basic idea of the area of marine repair and maintenance that they wish to be a part of and then determine the school best suited to providing that education. Many facets of the industry should be considered in this decision process.

Marine mechanics can choose to work on any number of manufacturers' engines. This is the first step in finding the best marine mechanic school for the student. Engines can be produced by any number of companies like Suzuki, Honda, Mercury, Volvo, and many others. Deciding which companies or company the student wishes to work on will determine which schools to consider. Most training programs offer several companies for which the student is trained as a marine mechanic.

As the engine technology becomes increasingly more advanced, programs need to be more advanced as well. Programs that include advanced electronics and modern engine systems classes will be a step above those that do not. These classes provide a better foundation to students after they graduate for the increasing demand for advanced marine systems maintenance personnel. Some of the best marine mechanic schools and training programs are associated with a shipyard or marine maintenance facility to provide the best hands on-training. The practical application of the skills learned in classes is essential to a quality education for marine mechanics.

Marine mechanic schools and training programs that have extensive requirements for hands-on or practical hours will deliver a far better education than those that concentrate on theory or text book classes. Since mechanics work on physical engines the practical application of said skills and text book theory provides a more focused and extensive education which will afford the student a better-paying or higher-level entry position. The practical application of learned skills can only be as beneficial as the information and training covered in the classes themselves.

Marine mechanic schools with a wider curriculum will give the student more options upon graduation and a better education during the training process. Some marine mechanics work on steering systems, outboard motors and propellers in addition to inboard motors and body work. These are more specialized areas of a marine mechanic's career and require specialized classes.

A student entering a marine mechanic training program should consider this aspect of the career prior to choosing a school to achieve the best results. It is not just the maintenance of the engines and systems on a vessel that a marine mechanic must be trained in. The use of computer systems to track orders and account for labor and parts is an integral part of any marine mechanic's day-to-day position. The concepts of profit margin and accounting are included in some marine mechanic schools and will add to the education and employment opportunities of the graduated student. A better understanding of the business and monetary side of marine maintenance is advantageous to any new marine mechanic.

Choosing the best school or training program for a marine mechanic is based in part on the career goals of the student. Schools should be considered based on the technology the student wishes to learn, the manufacturer for which the student will be able to repair, and the additional business training that is available. Only after the student has a career plan and goal, will the best marine mechanic school be determined.