The Automotive Youth Education Service (AYES)

Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) provides communication between schools and auto makers to standardize curriculum in high schools and technical schools. AYES assures graduates are trained in the newest technology and can look forward to excellent working environments. Students in AYES programs have opportunities to learn from automakers such as Audi, General Motors, Honda, and Volkswagen. By attending a high school or technical school that AYES works with, students graduate ready to perform entry-level mechanic work and do not need additional schooling or training as they might without AYES.

To maintain standards and produce quality mechanics, AYES requires their programs to be ASE certified and active in the SkillsUSA organization. ASE - Automotive Service Excellence - tests mechanics to assure excellence in the profession. Mechanics who are ASE certified have greater opportunity for promotion and higher salaries. They are also trusted by the public to perform reasonable, high-quality diagnosis and repairs.

The SkillsUSA organization also encourages excellence in the field of mechanics by promoting students, teachers, and automakers to work together. This organization can be particularly helpful in making sure students are able to write effective resumes and have classes in stress and time management and communication skills.

As there is a shortage of mechanics, AYES educates students in high school about the opportunities in the field of mechanics with class presentations, job fairs, and auto dealership tours. AYES also seeks sponsors to provide scholarships and mechanics tools for prospective mechanics.

Providing opportunities for people wishing to change their careers to become mechanic technicians is also a provision of AYES. Internet information and resources are being constantly up dated by AYES to inform people who would like to change their careers about jobs and training in auto mechanics and help them decide if this is the career for them.

As a result of the partnerships AYES has with automotive manufacturers, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), businesses, schools, and state departments of education and labor, AYES programs provide mentors for students at car dealerships and a greater likelihood of immediate job placement upon graduation. The hands-on practice guided by skilled mentors give students not only valuable experience, but connections with dealerships for future jobs.

Not only do AYES partnerships give prospective mechanics excellent training and resources, it also encourages auto dealers to interact with the students and develop working environments new graduates will be attracted to. Since qualified mechanics are needed, dealerships will want to supply their mechanics with good benefits and a safe and excellent working environment to get the best graduates to work for them.

Another benefit for students attending an AYES program is that once they are a junior in high school, and they are taking auto mechanics courses, they can be paid for on-the-job training. Their last two years of high school can not only be focused on training for a successful career, but being paid by the company that will most likely hire them when they graduate.

AYES focuses their attention on informing high school students of careers in auto mechanics and on training programs which begin in the junior year of high school, but also has a greater vision of the industry as a whole. AYES seeks to continually improve the automotive industries through their partnerships with automakers, schools, businesses, and government agencies providing America with excellent auto mechanic technicians.