Mercedes-Benz Training in the US vs. Training in Germany

Mercedes-Benz Training in the US vs. Training in Germany

Training programs for individuals considering being a Mercedes-Benz mechanic are available in Asia, Europe, Canada, and the United States. Training includes classes and hands-on practical application of classes in a highly technical environment. Programs conducted through Mercedes-Benz cover more information and are generally more intensive than programs offered by third parties. Essentially there are two separate programs offered by Mercedes Benz, the Mercedes-Benz ELITE and Mercedes-Benz Elite Collision Repair training programs. A potential student may ask themselves "Is training offered in the United States as good as the training in Germany?".

The answer is yes and no. The Mercedes-Benz training programs offered by Mercedes-Benz are identical; the only difference is location, the language spoken, and models covered in the training. The training program starts with classes learning basic electrical systems in the automobile. This is the basis of every system in the Mercedes-Benz and needs to be well understood to progress. The reason for Mercedes-Benz training using identical programs is that the manufacturer does not produce different versions of the models to sell in different countries. The differences in the programs lay in the fact that completely different models are sold in different countries.

Some models are offered in more than one country, so it is advisable that the student attend Mercedes-Benz training in the country in which they will be working. This way no confusion in training will ensue. The programs move electrical systems into powertrain electronics and transfer case coursework. Progressively the courses become more demanding. The ELITE training course is a sixteen-week program of intense training with Mercedes-Benz certified instructors who will hold students to the highest standards possible. The ELITE collision training course is shorter at eight weeks, but just as intensive.

The courses will progress through the entire gamut of systems involved in the mechanics and electronics of the Mercedes-Benz family of automobiles. The ELITE collision training program covers less material than the ELITE program as its concentration is on collision and the particular mechanics that apply to collision repair. The student will also receive training in the use of specialty tools and diagnostic equipment designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Studying abroad does offer different experiences than studying at home as well as being trained on some different models.

Attending any educational institution in another country will afford the student a glimpse into another culture. In turn the student gains more than just the technical classes and practical knowledge involved with the education process. While attending a Mercedes-Benz training program abroad they gain skills of communicating with people who do not share the same native language, of living as part of a society that is new, exciting and different, and experiencing the education system of another country. These are experiences that will stay with the student their entire life.

Mercedes-Benz training is essentially the same in countries around the world; the only difference being the models of automobiles covered and the location of training. The programs are intensive, highly advanced and require dedication and skill to complete effectively. While studying abroad is exciting and offers new experiences, it is recommended that the student train in the country in which they plan to work.