Job Expectations and Salaries for Nissan Mechanics

Nissan mechanics perform maintenance and repairs on Nissan vehicles. Nissan, a brand that originated in Japan in 1914, sold its first car in America in 1958. In 1966, the first Nissan built in the United States rolled off the assembly line. Since then Nissan has become a leader in the automotive industry. They offer cutting edge technology, an expanded line of "green" cars, and a reputation for a high standard in service.

Nissan mechanics are expected to hold up that high standard. Candidates are expected to have great communication skills, a high-energy personality, strong work ethic, and a professional appearance. Some dealerships are okay with hiring mechanics with no schooling if they have several of years experience, but holding at least one National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificate would make a potential mechanic for Nissan more likely to get hired. ASE offers fourteen certificates, nine of which would be applicable for a Nissan mechanic. Test sites are available all over the U.S., with multiple test sites in each state.

The job requirements for a Nissan mechanic are the same for almost all other mechanics. They must be aware of industry and factory standards, and be able to meet or surpass that in every car they work on. Nissan mechanics must be knowledgeable about the Nissan line of automobiles, and excel in automobile maintenance. They must also be able to explain repairs to customers and give accurate estimates. The ability to work quickly and accurately is a must. Computer skills are also necessary.

Nissan mechanics are required to diagnose and repair car problems. They will also perform routine inspections on new and used vehicles. Mechanics will be asked to run full system diagnostic work. They will need to be able to use new tools and equipment as they are introduced. The ability to learn new skills and information quickly is required.

An average salary for a Nissan mechanic is around $30,000 a year. This amount may be higher or lower depending on experience and education. It may also differ from state to state. With certification and enough experience, it is possible to earn $50,000 or more a year. Most positions also offer benefits. These benefits include medical and dental insurance, paid vacations, paid sick leave, and discounts when purchasing a Nissan vehicle.

Nissan mechanics most often work at Nissan car dealerships. Most have a five day, forty-hour work week. Because of the number of Nissan dealerships, it is possible to find a job almost anywhere. There are a lot of options available for a Nissan mechanic, especially one who has experience and ASE certification. The potential to move up in the work force, to a lead mechanic or other position, is excellent.

A career as a Nissan mechanic is both challenging and rewarding. Mechanics work in an environment that emphasizes teamwork and a strong work ethic. Many dealerships offer continual training and great benefits. The education required is typical of specialty training, and there are a lot of entry-level positions available.

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