Job Expectations for NASCAR Mechanics

Job Expectations for NASCAR Mechanics

NASCAR mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles which race nearly every Sunday throughout the year. For someone interested in becoming a NASCAR mechanic, it is important to learn about the job requirements as well as the salary expectations so they may be able to make a better informed decision regarding this career path.

As a NASCAR mechanic, a person must be well-versed in automotive technology. The more familiar a person is with all the parts and mannerisms of the vehicle, the better. A NASCAR mechanic will likely have a specialization in a particular area of vehicle maintenance and repair, and must be prepared to handle any issues which may arise before, during, or after a race. Not only must the person be able to fix the issue at hand, but they must also be able to diagnose the issues at any time.

Some of the responsibilities a NASCAR mechanic may encounter are:

  • Chassis setup combinations,
  • Documentation of setup and configurations,
  • Preparation and building of the gearbox for the transmission in racing vehicles, and
  • Brake and shock absorbers replacement and repair

Familiarity with the electronic components of the car and engine is especially important.

Depending on which job a candidate is applying for, there may be different requirements and expectations of the employee. Most of the time a clean driving record, a valid driver's license, and a high school diploma are the only requirements in order to qualify for a position. One employer may require a two-year degree in automotive repair, while another may rely on the experience the employee is able to verify. Regardless, interested people must first obtain experience working on some sort of racing league on a team before looking to employment with NASCAR. This is easily done now with the increase in private training facilities available for those interested in working on a NASCAR pit crew or those wishing to build the cars.

Currently, the job outlook for those interested in positions with NASCAR has never been better. It is all thanks to the increase in automotive technology and the overall number of cars on the road. The same however, cannot be said for those looking for pit crew positions with NASCAR, as this is a very competitive market and many people seek these positions with little vacancy.

Anyone who is interested in working as a NASCAR mechanic should always strive to continue adding variety to the skills they have to offer, mastering them, and continue building experience in the automotive arena to add value to themselves as compared to other applicants for the position.