Job Expectations and Salaries for Motorcycle Mechanics

Job Expectations and Salaries for Motorcycle Mechanics

Most people who choose to become mechanics work in the automobile industry servicing and repairing vehicles. A small number of mechanics choose to specialize in other specific areas such as motorcycles, boats, or small engines. Although there were approximately only 20,000 motorcycle mechanics in the United States in 2006, the job prospects and salaries for individuals in this career field are rather high.

Employment forecasters predict that the demand and need for motorcycle mechanics will rise 12 percent from where it currently is by the year 2016. This will result in the addition of more than 2,000 new jobs for motorcycle mechanics, and there are a number of different things leading to this significant growth factor.

High gas prices are one of the major events that are creating a demand for skilled motorcycle mechanics. More and more people are choosing to make their daily commute to their job with a motorcycle rather than a car, pickup, or SUV since a motorcycle gets extremely good gas mileage. These individuals need their motorcycle serviced and repaired to ensure they don't have any problems while traveling to and from work each day.

Also leading to the demand for motorcycle mechanics is the growing number of retired people. Many retirees are finding that they have time to purchase and enjoy riding a motorcycle because they are no longer working. With the baby boomers on the edge of retirement, motorcycle sales are predicted to dramatically increase, which in turn will create more demand for motorcycle mechanics.

Jobs as a motorcycle mechanic will be easier to find for individuals who have completed some type of training or educational program that prepares them to service and repair motorcycles. Employers are more likely to hire graduates from educational programs since they already have most of the knowledge and skills needed, while someone without formal education often needs on-the-job training requiring more time.

Motorcycle mechanics with training or experience working on other small engines or machines will have an easier time during their job search. Many parts of the United States are too cold during the winter months to ride motorcycles. Work can often be slow during these cold months, which is why many shops focus on the service and repair of other types of small engine machines. Having training in how to fix snowmobiles, lawn mowers, snow blowers, or other types of equipment can help an applicant rise above others who applied for the same position.

Salaries for motorcycle mechanics can vary widely depending on a number of different factors including experience, education, and location. On average the hourly wage for a motorcycle mechanic in the United States is $14.50. However, those with little or no experience or education may start out making minimum wage until they receive training on the job which teaches them a few things and allows them to begin working their way up. Individuals with education, many years of experience, or a combination of both can often rise above the average wage to $25 per hour or higher.