Job Expectations for Mercedes-Benz Mechanics

Job Expectations for Mercedes-Benz Mechanics

Mercedes-Benz is a company that is known for manufacturing luxury class vehicles, and as such, mechanics who are trained in the art of Mercedes-Benz repair are expected to have luxury class education. It is generally required that you obtain certification from a reputable automotive repair school and then begin the manufacturer-specific training program to be certified to work on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Because Mercedes is the only manufacturer to have a Master Mercedes-Benz Technician program, a mechanic certified to work on these vehicles will make a much higher grade of pay than the average mechanic. Job expectations and quality standards for Mercedes-Benz mechanics are also at a higher level because of the luxury class nature of the vehicles.

Those who wish to become self employed can open repair facilities that specialize in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Because it is required that you are a certified and trained automotive technician prior to receiving the specialty certification for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, often mechanics who own their own shops are not limited to working on just one particular brand, as they are certified to complete all repairs on many different types of vehicles. Starting your own repair shop is an expensive and time consuming process, requiring hundreds of hours of administrative duties in addition to regular repair work. Part of the Mercedes-Benz Elite training program is that certified technicians are trained in administrative duties and sales, which will provide a background for those looking to open a private repair shop on their own.

Mercedes-Benz has a high level of quality standards when it comes to their vehicle repairs. Mercedes-Benz Mechanics are expected to perform vehicle repairs, preventative measures, and custom work within the time frame given to the customer, and within certain quality standards. Mercedes-Benz mechanics are also expected to stay current on new models, extensive electrical and computerized systems, and new hybrid technology. In addition to advances in vehicle technology, diagnostic tools that are used to complete these repairs have advanced as well, and Mercedes-Benz mechanics must be well-versed in these tools to complete repairs effectively. In their day-to-day work, Mercedes-Benz mechanics are expected to perform repairs on a number of different components, and perform routine maintenance tasks and preventative measures to ensure vehicle performance.

Mercedes-Benz mechanics are responsible for providing cost estimates to customers who require a repair, and must keep accurate records of all repairs made, and parts utilized. In addition to their work of actually repairing and maintaining the vehicles, Mercedes-Benz mechanics must possess excellent customer service skills, and maintain a professional demeanor. Mercedes-Benz mechanics who own and operate their own repair facility, in addition to their everyday work, are also responsible for employee management, shop maintenance and cleaning, and financial paperwork.

The growth of the auto repair industry is forecast to be one of the highest increasing professions in the upcoming decade. As many families grow, and more vehicles are put on the road, the necessity of high quality mechanics increases. The rate of retirement for mechanics is also a factor, with many of today's seasoned mechanics seeking retirement in the near future, opening new job opportunities for new mechanics. Over 100,000 new jobs will be created between now and 2016 in addition to these retirement openings, requiring almost 800,000 quality trained technicians in the field by 2016. As demand increases so do the expectations of technicians, who must be able to perform their work efficiently and accurately, while keeping up-to-date with new and advanced technologies.