Is There a Demand for Marine Mechanics?

Is There a Demand for Marine Mechanics?

Considering any field of study involves researching the demand for that particular position or career within the industry. This figure or research will indicate the expected job market and salary range of new graduates. Marine mechanics will experience a growth in the demand of their chosen profession over the next several years due to varying factors and industry trends. Examining these factors and trends is essential to determining a career path for a marine mechanic.

One of the largest factors leading to the increase in demand of marine mechanics is technology. The growing complexity of marine engine technology increases the demand for highly trained and skilled marine mechanics with an understanding of electronics and computerized engine systems. These computerized systems can be found on large merchant vessels, oil tankers, yachts, and personal boats. These systems require more education on the framework and digital processing to be able to find and repair the issue at hand and the marine mechanic needs to be able to quickly and easily interface with the equipment.

Marine mechanics keep recreational boats and watercraft running at an optimum level and repair any damages or engine problems over the life of the vessel. On average between 50 million and 100 million Americans participate in recreational boating each year. This number is rising as the population grows and as the number of participating individuals grows, the need for qualified marine mechanics grows as well. Recreational boaters need routine maintenance just as merchant vessels do and more marine mechanics will be needed for this increasing demographic.

The largest segment of the population that purchases watercraft and sea going vessels is the baby boomer generation. They are entering retirement and have more income than previous retired generations. The number increases each year and figures show that it will continue to do so for years to come. This generation is also more likely to take cruises and group trips providing more passengers for passenger ships and cruise lines. This will in turn create the need for more marine mechanics who will be required in the cruise and tourist arena of marine maintenance.

As the population grows, the need for more marine mechanics at marinas and private yachting clubs will also increase. These businesses supply the necessary amenities for the patrons of said marinas. The opportunity for private marine mechanics will also rise, that is marine mechanics that run their own business and are not associated with a large company or shipyard. Private marine mechanics supply needed services to those individuals who do not belong to a marina or who repair their own vessel's small jobs, but need help for large repairs. Marine mechanics also work in dealerships and retail outlets, and with an increase in recreational boating and water sports, these businesses will require more marine mechanics to support customer demands.

A multitude of factors have led to the increase in demand for marine mechanics. They support the recreational and industrial applications of marine maintenance and both of these areas are projected to continue growing in the next decade; an increase of 15 percent is expected. The continuing advancements in marine engines and computerized systems coupled with the growth of the retiree population has created a growth in the demand for marine mechanics.