A Day in the Life of a Long-Haul Truck Driver

A Day in the Life of a Long-Haul Truck Driver

There are many incentives to becoming a truck driver. Aside from the good pay and the variety that the job offers, a lot of people like the idea of being on the open road and seeing new things every day. For many, the lure of meeting new people, not having to work in an office, and having the freedom of working with limited supervision makes truck driving the ideal career choice. But what is the daily life of a long-haul truck driver really like?

For the most part, long-haul truck drivers find themselves on the road for several weeks at a time. The average amount of time is around 3 weeks, although it could be a shorter route or even a longer one. For that reason, many people that have families choose not to go this career route for the simple fact that they don’t want to be away from them for that long.

On the other hand, those that are single, have few obligations, and like being free to come and go as they please find that it can be a very rewarding lifestyle.

Although you will encounter a lot of different types of people, for the majority of the time you will be alone. When you are driving for long stretches of time, you will have to get used to your own company. You won’t have anyone riding with you and you’ll basically have your phone, radio, and the other trucks out on the road to keep you company.

The truck stop will become important to you. Truck stops are typically open 24 hours per day and offer a variety of services to the truck driver. Not only can you eat there and use the restroom, but you can often shower, sleep, and interact with other people that are in the same profession as you, as well as with those who are not.

Sometimes, you might find yourself pulling over at a truck stop just so that you can have a conversation with someone else. In fact, some truck drivers find that even when they are home they end up going to 24 hour eateries and truck stops in the middle of the night because they have gotten used to talking to people at odd hours of the evening.

As far as pay goes, you will generally get paid by the mile although this can vary according to the company’s policy. You shouldn’t have to unload any of your freight, either, because you are simply providing transportation for the goods that you are delivering.

You should be able to count on your truck having good equipment and being a recent model. Since you will spend a lot of time in your truck, it will become your home away from home. You might have a coffee kettle in it, a bed, a small refrigerator, and even a portable television thanks to new technology.

The money that you spend on a daily basis will usually be spent on food. Although it’s possible to eat in your truck and make a few basic meals on your own, you will mostly eat at truck stops and other restaurants that have facilities suitable for parking large trucks. You might find that sticking to a diet is difficult since you will be limited to restaurant style food that might not always be of high nutritional value. Still, if you do similar routes then you will get to know the restaurants along the way and even find your favorite ones and your favorite meals, which can be rather fun.

At some point, you will be ready to go home. The idea of seeing your friends, cooking your own meals, and even sleeping in your own bed will be the most appealing thing in the world. However, most truck drivers agree that after a few weeks at home, the lure of the road calls to them again and they are ready to get back up behind the wheel.

Although it can be a difficult lifestyle, many people find it a rewarding one. You have the opportunity to make a lot of money in it, as well as to see the country from coast to coast.